Breach & Clear will offer a staggering amount of units, focusing on some of the most well known and even least known groups from around the world! Train and equip your teams from various nationalities! With each update to the game, we’ll offer new units, new gear and new maps.


Groups Currently Offered:


1. United States: 75th Ranger Regiment

Stood up in 1974, the Rangers have a long standing history dating back to 1676 during King Philip’s War. Today, the 75th Ranger Regiment stands as part of one of the most proficient light infantry units in the world, recognized as part of the Special Operations community. Today, The Rangers are hailed as the world’s premier light infantry unit, responsible for some of the most daring raids in military history. Officially under United States Special Operations Command, all three Ranger Battalions have been an integral part of missions within Iraq and Afghanistan.


2. United States: SEALs

With roots dating after World War II in the Underwater Demolitions Teams as well as the Scouts and Raiders, the SEALs were officially stood up in 1961 at the behest of Admiral Arleigh Burke. Today, SEALs perform a wide swath of missions after gaining notoriety for actions in Vietnam and the First Iraq War. SEALs were also among the first units into Afghanistan, where they continue to operate as the Navy’s premier special operations force.


3. United States: Army Special Forces

Referred to as The Green Berets, Army Special Forces are perhaps the most well known special operations group in the world. Green Berets are the leaders of creating unconventional warfare, with a prerogative of training and working with other military or resistance elements. Special Forces teams have been instrumental in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, where they have performed a variety of missions ranging from advising to daring raids against hardened targets.


4. Canadian: JTF2 (Premium Unit)

Joint Task Force 2, created in 1993, is perhaps Canada’s most well known special operations force. Primarily tasked with counter-terrorist operations, members of this incredibly secretive group work side by side with American and other NATO forces, particularly ‘Delta’ and DEVGRU in Afghanistan as early as 2002. The Canadian government continues to keep a close eye on the unit, where almost no public media or recognition exists.