The world of Special Operations is a tight knit, closed group populated by incredibly knowledgeable and motivated individuals who answer to a life of service. Breach & Clear allows you to take a peek at the world of Special Operations as well as close quarters battles in this highly engaging and detail-oriented tactical strategy title.

Working with members of this elite community and suppliers to the best of the best, gamers will be able to customize and orient special operations teams from around the world as you take on missions that have been planned out by members of this highly selective community.

  • Build your team from the ground up like never before
  • Customize your loadout, your weapon and your team to create the most efficient force it can be
  • Guide your team with intuitive controls as you take on some of the most dangerous scenarios available with design input by real members of special operations
  • Take on hardened enemy positions and increasingly complex missions and levels
  • Unlock and equip the very best that the special operations community has to offer from real world rifles and equipment to units from around the US and abroad

Breach & Clear is the definition of customization and strategy as you take a glimpse of a world so closed off from the norm. We also offer custom in-game patches where 100% of the proceeds will go to help veterans and their families in need!