Gameplay Content

Special operations forces cannot be bought, they must be forged through training. Breach & Clear takes the player to an unparalleled level of control and precision as players improve their teams, increase their lethality and make them into the most proficient fighting force in the world.

With intuitive touch controls, you will be able to guide one team of four operators as they work to take down multiple objectives. Accomplish all of this by utilizing tools and equipment implemented by various groups from around the world to take on challenges designed by active duty special operators from around the world!

Breach & Clear will offer you the chance to take on any foe with one of the most incredibly in-depth content systems ever devised; everything from the team you put together to the muzzle on your rifle can give you the upper hand on any situation that might come your way.

Just as every special operations group in the world trains for various scenarios, so to will you have the chance to learn, understand and then execute various maneuvers to excel in the tight confines of close quarters battles!