Welcome to the science and art of CQB tactics and strategy. Breach and Clear harmonizes the technique of using weapons and operators to overwhelm and overpower enemies in close-quarters battle. Control the situation and the enemy’s position and you control the outcome of the skirmish.

In Breach and Clear you are asked to make tactical decisions to achieve the greatest effect to the immediate threat. The team behind Breach and Clear has worked the past 9 months with active special operations forces soldiers from around the world. Not just as gear/weapons consultants, but also to discuss and implement real-world tactics/strategy. The tactics required to breach and clear rooms are totally different than tactics used on the open battlefield. That is why we studied under highly trained consultants. Not to just check for military accuracy, but to actually be schooled in CQB military theory. To fully realize the differences between tactics and strategy and how they are applied to CQB type missions. From the open spaces in a warehouse to the cramped corners of a mud hut, each location requires different tactics. Therefore we reached out to some of the highest trained operators in the world. Some actually teach CQB to SOF/SF tactics/strategy to operators around the world.